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Tools for the A/V Pro


HiFi enthousiasts, Home Theater buffs and audio professionals alike make sure you always have those handy formulas with you.

This tool offers you a collection of audio targeted conversion tools.

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AudioCalc is made up of several tools, that each address a specific need in the design or setup of an audio system.

The frequency, period and wavelength converter comes in quite handy for positioning loudspeakers.

The band tool helps you setup a parametric EQ.

The delay part gives you an insight when setting speaker distances and delays.

The volume tool helps you determine the amplifier power required for a given set of speakers.

The room modal response tool allows you to compute the room modes present in a room. This is crucial when placing a subwoofer provide correct bass response. It can also be used when designing a room to avoid dimensions that would lead to a poor modal response.

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