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VideoCalc Refreshed

The wait is finally over!

VideoCalc Version 2.0, a major review of our Home Theatre design app is now available on the AppStore.

The whole user interface has been reviewed, not only making it visually more appealing, taking full advantage of Retina displays and the iPhone 5 4” screen, but also making the whole application more usable.

Data entry is easier and faster with a numeric keypad and direct navigation between the fields. Values are clearly displayed and validation messages nicely integrated with their related entry field.

Units selection is available on every screen, making converting between imperial and metric dimensions a breeze.

Discover all these new features on the main VideoCalc page.

VideoCalc is available on the AppStore VideoCalc 2.0 is available as a free upgrade to all current users of VideoCalc. For new users, the application is on sale until the end of June.

VideoCalc Refresh

VideoCalc has been around for a while, and although the functionality it provides is still very relevant today, we felt we could improve the overall experience with a fresh look on the UI, both in terms of design and usability. This is now coming very soon, as a free upgrade.

Here is a first screenshot of this new version, hoping you’re as excited as we are about this new release.

To celebrate, VideoCalc is on sale until the end of June. So don’t wait, get it from the AppStore now so you’ll get the new version the day of the release.

Sim2Calc v1.3

Just as the IFA show in Berlin draws to a close and the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis opens its doors, we’re pleased to release a new Sim2Calc version, available as a free update in the AppStore.

The projector database has been expanded with the brand new SIRIO projectors as well as the M.150 and NERO models.

The search functionality has been fully reworked, enabling you to find just the right projector for the job.

It’s a New Dawn

It’s been a while (a very long while) since this web site has been updated.
Luckily, during that time, our applications have been updated several times.
And we have much more coming…

The first step we’re taking to move HT Designer forward is to rebuild the site with a new technology.
Technology by itself is not the answer to bringing content (and thus value) to the site.
But a “wrong” choice of technology can hinder the creation of new content.

The original site was build using iWeb, a tool that is no longer supported by Apple, that is not installed on any recent version of Mac OS X and that generates less than optimal HTML.
We thus took the content of the old site and migrated it to a new tool: Octopress.
As of now, the site has a new look, is built using a new technology but still has old content.

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll update the content to bring it in sync with the current version of our apps.

Then, finally, we’ll bring you new goodies and hopefully, we’ll prove that it was well worth the wait.

ISE 2009

From Feb 3 to 5, ISE is coming back to Amsterdam.
This is one of the biggest A/V trade show and we’ll certainly take that opportunity to release new versions of AudioCalc and VideoCalc.

ISE 2009, Amsterdam, 3-5 Feb 09

ISE is always a show packed with lots of announcements from manufacturers, be it audio/video gear, control, design software or others. We won’t miss this opportunity and will release updates for both AudioCalc and VideoCalc.

Room modes is coming to AudioCalc.

This new module allows you to compute the modal response of your room. Simply enter the room dimensions and AudioCalc provides you with a list of the modes for frequencies up to 250 Hz.
This is clearly an invaluable calibration tool for subwoofer placement and equalization; as well as a design tool to help optimize the dimensions of your room.

Viewing angle and more units for VideoCalc

A new module computes the viewing angle for a seating distance from the screen and shows it on a nice visual representation. It also helps determine the seating distance that will provide you the requested viewing angle.
Also, in addition to feet and meters, inches and centimeters have been added, providing additional convenience for specifying your dimensions.

Both updates will be freely available in the AppStore in early February.


VideoCalc is the iPhone / iPod touch application for home theater enthousiasts.

VideoCalc available on the AppStore

Home Theater enthousiasts, here comes the tool that answers all your video needs.

Easily compute screen dimensions for 4:3, 16:9 or 2.35 screens.

Estimate where to place your projector based on its given throw ratio or help specify the projector based on the actual positioning in the room.

Find out how big your screen can be with your projector or how bright your projector must be to light up that screen, while respecting the industry best practices.

VideoCalc is available right now on the App Store for 2.99 USD

We are eager to hear your thoughts on this product.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at support [at] htdesigner [dot] eu