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ISE 2009

From Feb 3 to 5, ISE is coming back to Amsterdam.
This is one of the biggest A/V trade show and we’ll certainly take that opportunity to release new versions of AudioCalc and VideoCalc.

ISE 2009, Amsterdam, 3-5 Feb 09

ISE is always a show packed with lots of announcements from manufacturers, be it audio/video gear, control, design software or others. We won’t miss this opportunity and will release updates for both AudioCalc and VideoCalc.

Room modes is coming to AudioCalc.

This new module allows you to compute the modal response of your room. Simply enter the room dimensions and AudioCalc provides you with a list of the modes for frequencies up to 250 Hz.
This is clearly an invaluable calibration tool for subwoofer placement and equalization; as well as a design tool to help optimize the dimensions of your room.

Viewing angle and more units for VideoCalc

A new module computes the viewing angle for a seating distance from the screen and shows it on a nice visual representation. It also helps determine the seating distance that will provide you the requested viewing angle.
Also, in addition to feet and meters, inches and centimeters have been added, providing additional convenience for specifying your dimensions.

Both updates will be freely available in the AppStore in early February.