HT Designer

Tools for the A/V Pro

It's a New Dawn

It’s been a while (a very long while) since this web site has been updated.
Luckily, during that time, our applications have been updated several times.
And we have much more coming…

The first step we’re taking to move HT Designer forward is to rebuild the site with a new technology.
Technology by itself is not the answer to bringing content (and thus value) to the site.
But a “wrong” choice of technology can hinder the creation of new content.

The original site was build using iWeb, a tool that is no longer supported by Apple, that is not installed on any recent version of Mac OS X and that generates less than optimal HTML.
We thus took the content of the old site and migrated it to a new tool: Octopress.
As of now, the site has a new look, is built using a new technology but still has old content.

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll update the content to bring it in sync with the current version of our apps.

Then, finally, we’ll bring you new goodies and hopefully, we’ll prove that it was well worth the wait.