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VideoCalc Refreshed

The wait is finally over!

VideoCalc Version 2.0, a major review of our Home Theatre design app is now available on the AppStore.

The whole user interface has been reviewed, not only making it visually more appealing, taking full advantage of Retina displays and the iPhone 5 4” screen, but also making the whole application more usable.

Data entry is easier and faster with a numeric keypad and direct navigation between the fields. Values are clearly displayed and validation messages nicely integrated with their related entry field.

Units selection is available on every screen, making converting between imperial and metric dimensions a breeze.

Discover all these new features on the main VideoCalc page.

VideoCalc is available on the AppStore VideoCalc 2.0 is available as a free upgrade to all current users of VideoCalc. For new users, the application is on sale until the end of June.